Sunday, January 31, 2010

Issue 2

And, as promised, the Hart to Hart theme


  1. It's up on my wall with the first issue! I've made a little hanging gallery for them, but feel that I need more interesting clips as your Zine deserves better than boring old black binder ones. Shall search Bureau En Gros.

    I particularly love the Education Dept Haikus.
    You're amazing!



  2. Stunningly composed, and man -- I really can't get over how exquisitely you manipulate words. Jesus. You might want to consider some form of writing as a career (seriously!!). "Unparalleled cue-card wisdom" has entered my poetic unconscious; beautiful. But: I think my favourite thing in the whole issue is the doodle-accented heart. It's so raw and so you.

    In general: exceptional, of course, but I expected nothing less!

    p.s. lmfao at the education building shit. oh our lives.

  3. Thanks for the comments dudes.


    I've read them a zillion times (maybe explains why I don't get any homework done?) and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy (in a totally good, non-creepy way).

  4. My mom's comments re: zine issue 2
    "Your friend should be a writer."

    No clever comments from me. Can't wait for issue 3! (that rhymes!)

    Your #1 fan,

  5. love love love Olivia! Gone with the Wind is my fave book and movie of all time! Srsly. Do you know her film debut was Hermia in Reinhardt's 1935 film Midsummer Night's Dream? Little tidbit from my Shakespeare class.
    Steph, you are honestly too awesome.

  6. :)

    How much do I wish I was taking a class in which O de H is mentioned! Dude.


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