Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Issue 4


  1. My mom's comments on Issue 4:
    "She's extremely talented, this girl. Really. Very creative and artistic. She should write a book." Followed by, "Is this her picture? ha ha ha. This is good."

    My comments on Issue 4: Ode to the 535 > Keats. Hilarious.
    Tethered to the World = something I want to print out (in color) and pin on my bulletin board at school. It's beautiful.

    I am proud of you, dude.

  2. Your zine is beautiful. I find myself thinking about stuff you wrote throughout my day.
    (Cue stalker music here....such an under appreciated genre that stalker music is...)
    I thought of you on Thursday as I listened to CBC. Have a listen:
    The part I think you'd appreciate is about t 3/4 of the way through the podcast- it's about the niqab and how we express ourselves with our faces. There's an interview with Rob Faust, the director of a drama college, it's about the mask. I like the idea of the elevator face. :0
    I like your writing. I like your many faces. I like. I like. I like.


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