Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Issue 8


  1. This might be the most aesthetically pleasing issue to date.
    Great job, dude!


  2. sdgnjkxcbnxjckghsdg.
    This is an explosive comeback issue. I can feel every word of it, honestly -- you are an incredible, incredible writer (and I agree with Andrea: none too shabby on the design end, either)! Page one made my breath catch in my throat and it kind of stayed there. Awesome.

    ALSO, re: the milk puppets: the 24 bus stop on Sherbrooke/St-Urbain has a Milk Comfort hotline, where the blue puppet is listening to a phone...and you can plug your headphones into one of four jacks to listen alongside him. I plugged in...and was the furthest thing from "comforted" I think I've ever been. What a horrifying ad campaign.

  3. Sitting in DMZ bar in Hue VN., checking my emails and paying my bills. I thought I would check for TRATP #18. Joy in S.E. Asia!
    Excellent stuff, you haven't lost anything during the production break.

    Old F@#t.


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